Information Security Officer Question:
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Explain me how do you protect your home Wireless Access Point?


This is another opinion question – there are a lot of different ways to protect a Wireless Access Point: using WPA2, not broadcasting the SSID, and using MAC address filtering are the most popular among them. There are many other options, but in a typical home environment, those three are the biggest.

By now you’ve seen more than a fair amount of troubles. You’ve got a toolkit of regularly used programs, a standard suite of protection utilities, you’re comfortable with cleanups and you’ve spent quite a bit of time discovering that there are a lot of ways to make things go boom. You’ve also seen that it doesn’t take much to have data disappear forever, and that you need help to protect and manage it. By this stage you are more than likely a member of a team rather than a lone figure trying to work out everything, and as a result you are now on the specialization track. You may or may not however have a pointed hat and a predisposition to rum.

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