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Explain me how We Can Create Table In Adobe Illustrator?


We can create table in Adobe Illustrator with five easy simple steps which are as follows:

Click on File menu and open the New window or (Ctrl+N).

☛ You can select any size of paper as you want, click on OK button.
☛ Make a rectangle with any size as you want for the table from the Tool pallet or by pressing 'M' can activate the rectangle tool.
☛ Now we select the rectangle and go to Object menu, select Path then select Split Into Grid, when you select this option, a panel opens automatically.
☛ You can type number in Rows and Columns as per your wish, and set the number in the gutter box as '0px'. As we have taken 5 rows and columns so a table will be created accordingly.
☛ Now our table is ready to use, we can give any background colour, stroke colour or type a text in each cell.

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