Nuclear Physician Question:
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Explain me have you any final piece of advice for students interested in pursuing nuclear medicine as a career?


Nuclear medicine can be entered into in various ways. In my opinion the best way is the way that offers the highest amount of dedicated training in nuclear medicine: preliminary year (internal medicine, surgery or transitional year) followed by a three-year nuclear medicine residency. Other considerations include completing an internal medicine residency and then continuing on to a two-year NM residency. Or, finally, one can complete a radiology residency and go on to do a one-year NM fellowship. Since NM is a field that is always changing, more training is better. That being said, finding a job in purely NM is very challenging, requires a lot of networking as a resident and immense amounts of determination. Nonetheless, it’s quite possibly one of the most rewarding specialties around.

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Explain me a typical day at work?Explain me what types of outreach/volunteer work do you do, if any?