Bank Branch Manager Question:
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Explain me are you comfortable reprimanding employees for negative behaviors? If so, can you provide your approach to discipline?


Yes, I am comfortable reprimanding employees if they engage in behaviors that have a negative impact on the company. It can be awkward, but it is necessary if someone refuses to perform the job properly since his or her performance is a reflection of your managerial aptitude. I believe a minor infraction warrants a warning. An intermediate infraction warrants a write-up. If an employee fails to improve or commits a serious infraction, termination or suspension may be considered. I have never had to discharge an employee on those grounds, but I have had to issue warnings and write ups.

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Explain me what experience do you have with respects to this particular BANK BRANCH MANAGER position?Explain me do you have any previous management experience, or will this be your first job in a managerial position?