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Explain linked list using C++ with an example?


A linked list is a chain of nodes. Each and every node has at least two nodes, one is the data and other is the link to the next node. These linked lists are known as single linked lists as they have only one pointer to point to the next node. If a linked list has two nodes, one is to point to the previous node and the other is to point to the next node, then the linked list is known as doubly linked list.

To use a linked list in C++ the following structure is to be declared:

typedef struct List
{long Data;
List* Next;
List ()
typedef List* ListPtr.

The following code snippet is used to add a node.

void SLList::AddANode()
{ListPtr->Next = new List;

The following code snippet is used to traverse the list

void showList(ListPtr listPtr)
while(listPtr!=NULL) {
return temp;

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