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Explain how to disable port 3661 on windows server in ITM?


Please perform the below mentioned steps to disable port 3661 towards security vulnerability on windows servers –
1. Log into the windows server as itmuser
2. Go to Startà Programsà IBM Tivoli Monitoringà Manage Tivoli Monitoring Services, to open ITM Agent Mangement console
3. Verify which all agents are installed as presented in the below screen ie Universal Agent /Monitoring Agent for Windows OS
Note: In all the servers Monitoring Agent for Windows OS is present,universal agent is present in some severs only.

4. Go to the directory C:\IBM\ITM\TMAITM6
5. Locate the following two files in this directory-
i)KNTENV à For Windows OS Agent
ii) KUMENVà For Universal Agent ( This file will be present only if universal agent is installed on this server)
6. Open these files in wordpad and enter the below mentioned line at the end of file.
7. Open Registry Editor and expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEàSOFTWAREàCnadleàKNTàVer610àPrimaryàEnvironment
8. On the Right Hand Side window, Right click on KDC_FAMILIES and click on modify.
9. On the value data filed enter the following value.
Restart the agents running on the sever.

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