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Explain ethical decision you had to make?


Ethics, trust and integrity are often challenged in an investment banking job. Look at the sub prime crisis, the near collapse of the mortgage giant, Fannie Mae, and the restatement of financial accounts of several investment banking firms in recent years. It is often unethical (or even unlawful) practices that are the main contributors to situations like these. Discuss an instance when you had to make an ethical decision ? what did you take into consideration? How did you finally come to a decision? These are insights into how you work and what the firm can expect from you in tough situations.

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When we refer to profitability, are we referring to more than the fact that the company is paying a dividend?Explain Lock-in, as described by Hax and Wilde, is achieved when?
► A) An organization achieves a proprietary position in its industry.
► B) Customers are tied into long-term contracts.
► C) An industry is dominated by a major player.
► D) Customer preferences are recorded in a CRM database.