Data Warehousing Basics Question:
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Explain clearly how to explain any (sales) project in interview.actually feom where report developer work starts?pls reply as soon as possible?


if you are a Report developer
1,you have to specify the front end and back end tool used for creating the reports
2,Then you have to tell the purpose of the project..what you are going to acheive using the reports.
3,Then you can explain the backend part which is important.FOr example,you have to tell what are all the facts and dimension going to be used
4, Once the facts and dimension are identified yo might want to restructure the fact and dimension using the views.Also have to decide on the schemas you are going to use whether it s an snowflake schema or an star schema.
5,Once the schema has been finalised we might want to include certain KPI(Key Performance Indicators) into it.
6,Once the cube has been ready now we are into the deployement of the cube.
7,After the deployement has been done sucessfuly now we have to use our front end tool such as prolclarity and feed the cube into it.
8.Once the cube has been feed into the proclarity we can create various reports that can helps us for the business.In our case i had identified the top 10 customers in sales , successful saples period over time by using trend analysis and using ranking KPI for rank the customer.

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