CCDA Certification Exam Question:

Explain Which two VoIP characteristics are affected most by codec choice? (Choose two.)
A. voice quality
B. silent packet handling
C. voice packet header size
D. bandwidth required for voice calls


A,D : voice quality/ bandwidth required for voice calls

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Suppose An organization needs a WAN Transport technology that meets these criteria:
has a low initial cost provides low-to-medium BW has medium-to-high latency and jitter
Which technology would you suggest?
B. X.25
D. wireless
E. analog modem
Explain Which two statements represent advantages that the top-down network design process has over the bottom-up
network design process? (Choose two.)
A. is able to provide the big picture
B. utilizes previous experience
C. takes less time to design a network
D. identifies appropriate technologies first
E. provides a design for current and future development