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Explain What is the deference between Rx Lev Sub and Rx Lev Full?
What you mean by Link Budget?


Rx_Level_Full is measured when DTX is off & Sub is when DTX
is on.
RX Lev Full: Its is nothing but the Mobile transmit the
measurment report(SACCH multiframe) for every 480ms. this
multiframe containes 104 TDMA frames, in 104 TDMA frames 4
TDMA frames for Decode the BSIC and remaining 100 TDMA
frames for Average measurment of serving cell and
neighbouring cell.This average measurment of 100 TDMA frames
are RX Lev Full

RX Lev Sub: DTX is a discontinouse trasmission, When the
mobile conversation 40% of the time either Trasmitter or
Receive is idle. When DTX is ON, DTX will switch off the
Trasmitter or Receiver when they is no speech Pulses. only
few TDMA frames will trasmit, the average of this TDMA
frames is called RX Lev Sub, give you proper measurment of
RX level

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