Local area network (LAN) Question:
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Explain What do I need to make a WLAN work?


Basically all that is needed is a transmitting device, which connects to the Internet and operates in one of the unlicensed frequency bands, and a receiver (typically a PCMCIA card), which connects to your computer. But it?s not that easy?

There are many current products that have been designed with specific uses in mind. Some are very simple, and others very sophisticated. It?s sort of like asking what kind of computer does someone need? Well it really depends on what it?s being used for. Is it processing large amounts of data, maybe just used for surfing the web, possibly holding top-secret information! It?s obvious that the type of job dictates the type of equipment needed. Are you confused yet? Don?t worry! LBA has the expertise to help you decide what is the right system for your business application.

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