Informatica Data Warehousing Question:
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Explain What are the tasks that Loadmanger process will do?


Manages the session and batch scheduling: Whe you start the informatica server the load maneger launches and queries the repository for a list of sessions configured to run
on the informatica server.When you configure the session the loadmanager maintains list of list of sessions and session start times.When you sart a session loadmanger fetches the session information from the repository to perform the validations and verifications prior to starting DTM process.

Locking and reading the session: When the informatica server starts a session lodamaager locks the session from the repository.Locking prevents you starting the session again and again.

Reading the parameter file: If the session uses a parameter files,loadmanager reads the parameter file and verifies that the session level parematers are declared in the file
Verifies permission and privelleges: When the sesson starts load manger checks whether or not the user have privelleges to run the session.

Creating log files: Loadmanger creates logfile contains the status of session.

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