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Explain What are Motherboard Components?


It contains the following key components:<br>1.A microprocessor "socket" which defines what kind of central processing unit the motherboard uses.<br>2.A chipset which forms the computer's logic system. It is usually composed of two parts called bridges (a "north" bridge and its opposite, "south" bridge), which connects the CPU to the rest of the system;<br>3.A Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) chip which controls the most basic function of a computer, and how to repair it; and<br>4.A real-time clock which is a battery-operated chip which maintains the system's time, and other basic functions. <br><br>The motherboard also has slots or ports for the attachment of various peripherals or support system/hardware. There is an Accelerated Graphics Port, which is used exclusively for video cards; Integrated Drive Electronics, which provides the interfaces for the hard disk drives; Memory or RAM cards; and Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI), which provides electronic connections for video capture cards and network cards, among others.

motherboard components are hdd,memory,processor,graphic card,net card,BIOS chip.

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