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Explain Was the design based on/derived from an earlier machine? Kim-1, Apple I, etc?


Not exactly based on anything. Most of its heritage was from an automated cow feeder that Id designed for a Harrogate company the previous summer (1977). Quite an advanced thing, really it had a (waterproof) number pad, big 7 segment LEDs, OS in non-volatile EEPROM, and the trademark 6502. Both were from my own designs for something for myself, and they came from the aether.

The most hair-raising thing was the cow-feeders programme. I didnt own a PROM blower, so I had to write the whole thing by hand and send it off to a company who hand entered it into a machine and sent me back the PROM. That worked first time, too. Mind you, it was even smaller, being a boot loader that allowed the cow-feeders EEPROM to be initialised.

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Explain How did the Acorn Microcomputer get started?Explain Hermann Hauser (from Kings College, Cambridge University) had recently founded Acorn Computers Limited in Cambridge, with Chris Curry, correct?