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Explain How often have you found that the S & P rating was totally wrong?


Within the Brainwashing book methodology, there are management controls (checks and balances) that warn of problems at the companies we invest in. Specifically, a cut in or elimination of the dividend, and an S & P downgrade of the stock below investment grade. Rarely is there a situation where serious trouble won't come to our attention in time through one of these mechanisms.
I can think of only three glaring instances over the years where an Investment Grade Rating held up to the very end: Ames, Enron, and Friedman's. But, and key to the overall methodology, major individual portfolio disasters were avoided because of individual security % of portfolio diversification rules that must never be violated and which must always [absolutely always] be calculated using The Working Capital Model.
Also, in each instance, profits had been made on the security more than once prior to the disaster.

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What is become clear to me over the three years I have been using this approach is that there are aspects of both art and science inside. Do you agree?Do you know What is the ATH decision, and what is it used for?