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Explain Given the following SQL statement: GRANT REFERENCES ON TABLE tab1 TO USER usera
Which of the following describes what USERA is allowed to do?
A.Create a read?only view using TAB1. B.Alter TAB1 to add a check constraint.
C.Define a primary key or unique constraint on TAB1.
D.Define a dependent table where TAB1 is the parent.


D.Define a dependent table where TAB1 is the parent.

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Explain What are three advantages of fragmentation?

A. higher availability
B. reduced disk space requirements
C. parallel scans are possible with PDQ
D. finer granularity of archives and resources
What help ensure that the XIV Systems cache does not become a bottleneck?

A. central cache locking mechanism
B. use of industry standard chip technology
C. each module is responsible for caching the data in that module
D. having all modules understand what is held cache at all times