Capitalization Question:
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Explain Earnings Theory?


In this theory true value of an enterprise depends on its earnings capacity. The value of the company capitalization will be same as the estimated earning of the company. To find out this a company has to prepare a profit and loss account and then check regularly to see the effect of their sales over the years to find out how correct there estimations are. The earnings will be compared to the actual earning and the adjustment will be made according to that. The promotion team will then see the up and down of the earnings and then overall decision will be taken on management and how to simulate the earning to increase the revenue of the company.

For example if there is a company which has an estimated average profit of Rs. 25,000 in first few years and earning a return of 5% on their capital. The capitalization will be: (25,000*100)/5 = Rs. 5, 00,000

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