Quality On Time Question:

Explain A Closer Look at Team Skill Mix in Quality On Time?


► Typical mix: 2:8:1 (2 SMEs; 8 Testers; 1 Developer/Guru)
--Such "Stratified Teams" are most efficient - required level of abstraction is raised for the typical test writer and coding challenges are placed on developer/guru
► SMEs should be trained in the discipline of testing
--Hierarchies and types of testing, Testability of requirements, what verifications constitute necessary and sufficient testing, etc.
► SMEs and Testers together constitute the "Test Scripters"
--Combination of Record and Function Generator (F7) Calls to start
► Developers/Gurus constitute "Test Harness Support"
--Work with scripters to write functions to streamline scripting
--Supports/expands the framework infrastructure

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