Working Capital Management Question:
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Do you know what current liabilities can be used as spontaneous sources for financing the working capital?


Following current liabilities can be used as spontaneous source of financing the working capital:

1) Trade Credit

2) Outstanding Expenses

Trade credit is an arrangement in which a company buy goods or services without making immediate cash payment. If a company buys raw materials from the suppliers on credit basis, it gets the raw material for utilization immediately with the facility to make the payment at the delayed time. By accepting the delayed payment, the suppliers of raw material finance the requirement of working capital. It is an essential element of capitalization in an operating business because it can reduce the capital investment required to operate the business if it is managed properly.

Outstanding expenses are the expenses that are unpaid at the end of the accounting period, which means they are payable but not yet paid. This may apply to salaries, wages, telephone expenses, electricity expenses, water charges etc. All the outstanding expenses come under nominal accounts and must be credited.

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