Media Advertising Officer Question:
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Do you know what are the elements of a viral video?


Some of the elements necessary to make a video viral are:

☛ Deciding the audience before creating the content of the video.
☛ Making the first 20 seconds of a video compelling. These 20 seconds will influence the viewers whether to watch it further or not.
☛ Time relevance should be observed as it encourages the campaign’s viral potential.
☛ The video must be entertaining to the masses as well as universal.
☛ A catchy line or phrase must be there to hit the viewers’ thought process positively.
☛ Create attention grabbing and compelling title with relevant tags to include widely searched key terms. An interest description will act as a teaser to the audience.
☛ Seed the video to journalists, influencers, and bloggers for whom it is most relevant to.

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