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Do you know what are the advantages of using JavaScript?


You want a developer who really knows how to play to the strengths of your chosen platform. Some key advantages of JavaScript are listed below for your convenience.

☛ Lightweight: JavaScript can be executed within the user’s browser without having to communicate with the server, saving on bandwidth.
☛ Versatile: JavaScript supports multiple programming paradigms—object-oriented, imperative, and functional programming and can be used on both front-end and server-side technologies.
☛ Sleek Interactivity: Because tasks can be completed within the browser without communicating with the server, JavaScript can create a smooth “desktop-like” experience for the end user.
☛ Rich Interfaces: From drag-and-drop blocks to stylized sliders, there are numerous ways that JavaScript can be used to enhance a website’s UI/UX.
☛ Prototypal Inheritance: Objects can inherit from other objects, which makes JavaScript so simple, powerful, and great for dynamic applications.

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