Safety Officer Question:
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Do you know factory act?


☛ Sec.’6’ Registration of a factory
☛ Sec.’11’ Cleanliness
☛ Sec.’13’ Ventilation and temperature
☛ Sec.’17’ Lighting
☛ Sec.’18,19’ Drinking water and sanitary
☛ Sec.’23’ Employment of young person on dangerous mechanical
☛ Sec.’28’ Hoist and lifts
☛ Sec.’29’ Lifting machines and tackles
☛ Sec.35’ protection of eyes
☛ Sec.’36’ Precaution against danger furmes
☛ Sec.’36(A)’ Use of portable electric light
☛ Sec.’38’ Protection in case of fire
☛ Sec.’40(A)’ Maintenance of building
☛ Sec.40(B)’ Safety officers duty
☛ Sec.’45’ First aid boxes
☛ Sec.’111’ Obligation of workers

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