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Do you know When to do start AES coursework once entered MSU?


As part of the College of Engineering, most AES students take EGR 100 during their first or second term, right along side other students in the College of Engineering. In addition, many AES students have the CoRE experience as their home base for the freshman year. CoRE is a residential, living-learning community serving College of Engineering students. Its a residence hall experience but with a twist - more than 60% of the students in the hall are engineering students.

The first AES specific course you will take will be AESC 210, taken during the second term of your sophomore year. This course focuses on globalization issues, and provides you with your introduction to systems modeling and systems thinking.

During your first year, you will also have an option to be part of a group of 10 students who meet informally with a faculty person in AES 2-3 times a term, usually over dinner, and just talk - about concerns you have or questions you have formed about AES or about Engineering @ MSU, or .. well really about anything you want to talk about or ask about.

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