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Do you know After get done with AES undergrad degree, what are options?


About 70-80% of AES graduates go to the technical workplace after award of their degree. Companies like GM, Ford, IBM, Stryker, Dow, BP, ... hire our graduates, and bring them on board at very competitive starting salaries. Recent years results show that about 85-90% of AES grads are employed in a job appropriate to their degree, and that a majority of AES grads who are in the job market have 2 or more job offers at graduation. Of course, no one can promise a result for an individual. Every AES student carries their own weight. Learning is the responsibly of the student with assistance from faculty.

In addition, some of our students go on to study law with the eventual goal of becoming intellectual property attorneys. Others go on to graduate study in areas such as systems engineering, industrial engineering, economics and a number of other areas. Many AES students return to MSU or other universities after working in the technical workspace after several several years to work towards an MBA degree.

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Do you know When to do start AES coursework once entered MSU?Tell us are you keeping Pace Technically and Technologically?