Physics Question:

Difference between intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors?


semiconductors allow only a little amount of light to pass through them. they are of two n-types n type and p type

Intrinsic semiconductor is a semiconductor without doping and by doping the intrinsic semiconductor to increase its conductivity,we get extrinsic semiconductor .

Intrinsic semiconducter are in which no external impurity is added.
Extrinsic semiconducter in which impurities added ..these are of two types p type (majority of holes) nd n type(majority of electrons)...

an intrinsic semiconductor is an undoped semiconductor. no impurities are added to it whereas extrinsic is the one which is doped with meatals and non metals to enhance the property

Intrinsic sc pure semiconductors. It has Fermi level at center of conduction band and valance band. Extrinsic sc are doped with acceptors and donors. Eg p type semiconductor and n type semiconductor. For p type semiconductor's Fermi level near to valance band and n type semiconductor's Fermi level near to conduction band.

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