Physiotherapy Question:
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Describe the functions of joints and human skeleton?


The place of attachment between two or more bones is known
as a joint. All the joints of the body are capable of
movement except for the joints of the bones of cranium,
which houses the brain.

There are various kinds of movable
joints depending upon the movements they perform. Thus the
knee joint is like a hinge, which allows the lower keg to
move up or down, but not sideways. Following are different
kinds of joints
1. Hinge-joint
2. Pivot-joint
3. Ball and socket joint
4. Gliding joint

(1)Hinge- joint :-This allows the movement of the part of
body in one direction ?up or sown but not sideways. Example
of this joint are knee-joint, elbow-joint, movement of the
lower jaw.

(2)Pivot joint :-As the name suggests, this kind of joint
permits pivotal movement of the parts of body this joined.
Movement of the skull is an example. A man can turn his head
from one side to the other by rotating the skull, which is
joined to the backbone at its top in such a way that a
pivotal movements is possible

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