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Define Management Accounting. What are its objectives?


Management Accounting is the process of analysis, interpretation and presentation of accounting information collected with the help of financial accounting and cost accounting, in order to assist management in the process of decision making, creation of policy and day to day operation of an organization. Thus, it is clear from the above that the management accounting is based on financial accounting and cost accounting.

Following are the objectives of Management Accounting:

1) Measuring performance: Management accounting measures two types of performance. First is employee performance and the second is efficiency measurement. The actual performance is measured with the standardized performance and a report of deviation from the standard performance is reported to the management for the effective decision making and also to indicate the effectiveness of the methods in use. Both types of performance management are used to make corrective actions in order to improve performance.

2) Assess Risk: The aim of management accounting is to assess risk in order to maximize risk.

3) Allocation of Resources: is an important objective of Management Accounting.

4) Presentation of various financial statements to the Management.

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