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Define IBM MQ Series?


☆ A middle ware from IBM.
☆ It has runtime managers such as Queue Managers and Queues.
☆ Queue is an object which holds messages of various formats - XML/text/byte.
☆ Queue manger maintains and manages objects like Queues, channels.
☆ Various listener applications listen to these queues for grabbing the messages, followed by processing these messages.
☆ Java Messaging Service is one of the standards provided by JEE specification for asynchronous messaging.
☆ The queues can be defined in JEE container and send messages on these queues.
☆ Message Driven Bean can be configured for listening the JMS queues.
☆ When a message is on the JMS queue, the corresponding MDB's onMessage() method is invoked and the message processing can be done.

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