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Cycle meeting is there on the next day, in one area 3rd line manager is attending cycle meeting and in another area mr who is a achiever in the organisation is annoyed with 1st line manager and informed that he will not attend the cycle meeting because of 1st line manager. in this case as a 3rd line manager what advice he will give to his 2nd line manager since he is physically not present?


As a 3rd line manager he will speak to 2nd line manager who is physically present will advice to him to speak to both 1st line as well as MR to understand what is the matter. During the discussion he will also appreciate the achievements of MR. If he attend will certainly help full to his team mates in there achievements and ultimately it will be benefited to organisation. He will convince MR to attend briefing meeting which will further help him to in continuation of his success story, earning incentives

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