Building Services Engineering Question:
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Building Services Engineering interview questions part 3:


On your last project assignment, what problems did you identify that had been previously overlooked?

How has your present or last engineering job changed while you've held it?

If I offer you a position as an engineer with us, how do you plan to get off to a jackrabbit start?

Give me an example of something that you have learned from a mistake that you made on a job at a client site.

Tell me about a time when a project team effort that you were involved in failed.

For what advice or assistance do fellow engineers turn to you?

Tell me about the most challenging technical proposal you've ever written.

What factors would you consider in building an engineering department from scratch?

How do you communicate priority projects with a team of other engineers without making them feel overwhelmed?

Describe a specific engineering project that you were responsible for that required a lot of interaction with a variety of people over a long period of time.

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