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Basic E-Marketers Job Interview Questions:


☛ Why is Internet marketing sometimes called as e-marketing?
☛ What is the function of search engine optimization used in internet marketing?
☛ How does Google function to list or rank the pages?
☛ How many marketing strategies exist in internet marketing?
☛ What are the different types of tools used for internet marketing? Explain the use of all?
☛ How does pay per click campaigns function?
☛ What is the procedure to perform keywords analysis?
☛ What are the things that have to be kept in mind before creating the content for websites?
☛ What does entrepreneurship means? What does it include?
☛ How is internet marketing used to create a stream of income online?
☛ Mention the ways by which you can introduce payment gateways?
☛ How will you generate traffic on your website?
☛ How important are clicks of the users for the popularity of your website?
☛ How many different types of marketing methods exist today?
☛ How can you advertise on web using internet marketing?
☛ What are traffic exchange programs and how do they function?
☛ How is money being generated by internet marketing?
☛ How to make a website to sell it through internet marketing?
☛ What are the creative and technical aspects of internet marketing?
☛ How does domain engineering concept works?
☛ How so we maintain this domain engineering concept?
☛ What are spams? What are the potential disadvantages of using it for advertising?
☛ What are the things that are required to setup the internet marketing platform?
☛ What are the different types of corporate strategies used to increase the business?
☛ What are the opportunities created by internet marketing for unemployed people?

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