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Basic Common Underwriter's Interview Questions:


► Poor personal appearance.
► Overbearing--overaggressive--conceited "superiority complex"--"know-it -all".
► Inability to express thoughts clearly--poor poise, diction, or grammar.
► Lack of planning for career--no purpose or goals.
► Lack of interest and enthusiasm--passive and indifferent.
► Lack of confidence and poise--nervousness.
► Overemphasis on money--interested only in the best dollar offer.
► Evasive--makes excuses for unfavorable factors in record.
► Lack of tack--maturity--courtesy.
► Condemnation of past employers.
► Important! - 11. Failure to look employer in the eye.
► Limp, fishy handshake.
► Lack of appreciation of the value of experience.
► Failure to ask questions about the job.
► Persistent attitude of "What can you do for me?"
► Lack of preparation for the interview--failure to get information about the company resulting in inability to ask intelligent questions.

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