CCTV Operator Question:
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Basic CCTV Operator Job Interview Questions:


☛ Examine these 2 pictures of 2 different people for a couple of seconds. Then, put the photographs down, and describe those 2 people to me.
☛ Tell us about how you have worked in a team to solve a problem in a former security job?
☛ If you witness an attack, how would you handle the situation?
☛ Tell us about a time when you successfully dealt with an aggressive customer without using physical force, describe what words and gestures you used to defuse the situation?
☛ How do you feel about using computers, do you use one at home if so what for?
☛ Are you currently First Aid trained and certified?
☛ Describe a time on the job when you felt as if you were about to be physically attacked. How did you handle the situation?
☛ If you found out a fellow security officer was perusing information he/she shouldn’t be, but in your opinion the information wasn’t that important anyway, what would you do?
☛ If you are working at an event where there is a large and disorderly crowd, what measures could you take to make sure the event does not become too unruly or hazardous?
☛ Imagine you have been called to handle an emergency on the 12th floor of a building, but eight guests are waiting to be checked in at the front desk. It’s late at night and you are alone at the front desk. How would you deal with the situation?

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