Broadcast Journalist Question:

Basic Broadcast Journalist Job Interview Questions:


☛ What is your favorite place in this city?
☛ Define how you would add to our publication?
☛ What was the most-inspiring story you have ever written?
☛ Give me the three best qualities of your writing style?
☛ Tell me about a time when you showed determination to finish a story.
☛ If given an assignment to write about a non-current event, what topic would you choose and why?
☛ If you were to write for our blog, how would you make it better?
☛ Tell me about all the forms of writing you like to engage in?
☛ Being a journalist is a 24/7 job, are you ready for that?
☛ How well are your listening skills?
☛ Our sports team is doing great, have you been watching them?
☛ What do you think about our current Governor?
☛ How would you better the city you wrote for? Give me a few examples of how your writing and reporting would affect the city.
☛ Do you have the ability to work under pressure to beat publication deadlines?
☛ Give me examples of times when you have worked under pressure to beat deadlines and have your story in on time. My next question is were you procastinating?
☛ Give me an example of when you worked irregular hours?
☛ What could you improve upon in your writing style?
☛ On your free time, where do you usually spend your time in this city?
☛ What is your favorite inspirational point, place, to write?
☛ What is your favorite novel?
☛ Which current writer, are you inspired by or appreciate the most?
☛ What are your thoughts on childhood education? Should school be all year long?
☛ What are your thoughts on abortion?
☛ What do you feel about the mortgage crisis?
☛ Are you okay with being blamed for a story that could tarnish the life of another?
☛ Would you be hesitant to ask uncomfortable questions?
☛ Are you afraid to interview citizens?
☛ Would you rather write a story that laid down the facts, or would you add an element that would entertain the audience?
☛ If I told you, our writers must write in a blog, would you be okay with that?
☛ What writing would interest you most in this position?
☛ What was the last book you read?
☛ What is your favorite writing topic?
☛ Would you enjoy reporting about a scandal in the mayors office?
☛ Would you enjoy writing a story about a successful business in the area?
☛ Would you enjoy writing a story about a local child who just overcame a severe illness?
☛ Tell me the most interesting current affair in your mind?
☛ How would you rate your spelling?
☛ How would you rate your grammar?
☛ What is most important to your writing style?
☛ What are the three qualities you look for in every story you write?
☛ What was the worst story you have ever written? Why was it your worst?
☛ Would you roll up stress in a ball and throw it out the window?
☛ How would you handle stress?
☛ Do you blog?

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Role-specific as Broadcast Journalist Job Interview Questions:Tell me what is your favorite writing topic?