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As you know sometimes, customers place big orders. Later they refuse to take the delivery. What will you do in such a situation to convince the customer to take the delivery? How will you ask the customer to pay you the full amount at the time of delivery?


☛ Do not panic in such situations. Spend more time in convincing them. Do not quit.

☛ Give a clear description, the details and benefits of the product to the customer.

☛ Explain to the customers again about the terms and conditions.

☛ Try to make them understand about your situation too.

☛ If possible, try to give them some extra offer.

Once the customer gets convinced to accept the delivery, ask them to pay the full amount. Do not give in to any sort of bargaining. It will be a great loss for your organization. Try to make them understand about the problems that you would face. Convince your customer by promising them a discount on their next purchase.

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