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As you know people generally do not like outside sales. What is your opinion about it?


When a salesperson goes into the field to meet the potential customers for the purpose of selling products, it is known as outside sales. There are certain advantages and disadvantages of outside sales.

Advantages of outside sales:
☛ More demonstration is possible.
☛ You will gain more support
☛ More personal as it involves face to face interaction

Disadvantages of outside sale:
☛ Involves a lot of traveling
☛ Difficult to manage the day-to-day schedule
☛ Appearance matters a lot. It is not possible to concentrate on your looks throughout the day.
☛ You will be your own supervisor. It will be difficult for you when you face any problem.

People may or may not like outside sales. The opinion varies from person to person. For example, people who like traveling may be interested in outside sales.

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