Junior School Teacher Question:
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Are you a flexible teacher? If so, explain how?


Yes I am a flexible teacher. I can deal very effectively with people and students from all backgrounds and socio-economic groups. In teaching, I am completely aware that students have different learning rates and styles. Some are fast learners and some are slow learners, some learn best in auditory manner, others through actions or visual media. Still others have specific learning disabilities. I am flexible in the sense that I address
these differences and make it a point to respond to their different needs. In my teaching, I make use of different learning strategies so that my instruction will be interesting and motivating to students. I use lecture, discussion, hands-on activities, cooperative learning, projects, manipulatives, role playing, debates, reports, technology, and others.

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Tell us what can you contribute to our school community/teaching team?Tell me what are some of the trends, issues, and methodologies in education that relate to your specific curriculum area or grade level?