Engineering Question:

Are all engineers the same?


No. Just like scientists, engineers specialize in a particular field (discipline), based on their academic training. So while the main types of scientists out there are biologists, chemists and physicists, in engineering the main types are civil, computer, electrical and mechanical engineers - about two-thirds of all students studying engineering earn a degree in one of those four disciplines. And again like science, there are many other fields that students can specialize in within engineering, such as aerospace, bio-medical, chemical and industrial/manufacturing, which the next most popular engineering majors out there. So don't worry, there's an engineering major out there waiting for you!

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Can engineer really make a valuable contribution to society as an engineer, helping better my community, our nation and the world?When these numbers are multiplied, (6 × 103) (5 × 105), the result is:
A. 3 × 108
B. 30 × 108
C. 300 × 109
D. 3,000 × 107