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Aptitude round may have these type of questions. Either these questions were asked in previous interviews or they are in the same format with name changes.


1) What is the area of a rectangle whose length is twice its width and whose perimeter is equal to that of a square whose area is 1?

2) Write ten numbers from the least to the greatest which have a remainder 3 after dividing it by seven. What is the series formed and what is the CD?

3) A cylindrical glass container is 20 centimeters tall and has a diameter of 10 centimetres. On the inside wall, three centimeters from the upper circular base, there is a drop of honey. On the lateral surface, diametrically opposite it, there is a fly. Which is the shortest route for the fly to reach the honey or destination?

4) Each packet of computer floppies contains a coupon that is equally likely to bear the letters D, E or F. If `x` packets are purchased, what is the probability that the coupons cannot be used to spell `FED`?

5) How many numbers greater than 5000 can be formed with four of the digits 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 where no digit can be repeated.

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