Microbiology Question:
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All of the following statements about the M-protein of Group A- Streptococci are correct EXCEPT?


* A. The amino terminal portion (distal portion) is variable, accounting for over 80 distinct serotypes.
* B. M proteins allow streptococci to resist phagocytosis.
* C. Antibodies to M protein confer type-specific immunity.
* D. M protein is the major virulence factor of Group A streptococci
* E. M protein is the major constituent of the capsule of Group A streptococci

Correct Answer: E

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A 12 year old boy presents with acute onset of sore throat, fever to 38.9 degrees C and painful anterior cervical lymphadenopathy. On exam the pharynx is red and swollen and the tonsils are covered with yellow-white exudates. The child also has halitosis. Which of the following non-suppurative complications are of concern?Which of the following extracellular enzymes produced by Group A-streptococci is called “spreading factor”, an enzyme important in skin and soft tissue infection?