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After studying Gross Anatomy for the National Board Exams, a second year student left Sackler at 1:00am and he was mugged on Harrison Avenue. During the attack, the student held his arm up to protect his head and he was knifed on his forearm. Subsequently, while waiting to be seen in the emergency room at Nemch, the student realized that he could no longer move his thumb)

He immediately concluded that the knife must have directly injured his:


Answer #1
► a) Median Nerve
► b) Musculocutaneous Nerve
► c) Radial Nerve
► d) Ulnar Nerve
► e) Axillary Nerve

Answer - d

Answer #2
median nerve goes to thumb

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To confirm his diagnosis, the student should check for absence of sensation in which part of his hand:Which of the following indices a nurse has to consider as an indicator of good nutrition?
a. albumin level 2.5gm/dl
b. pre albumin level 18mg/dl
c. transferring level 244mg/dl
d. total lymphocytes 1900/microliter