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About the National Curriculum and Educational Issues Interview Question:


► How do you feel your degree is relevant to the curriculum?
► Do you think that the National Curriculum was a good idea?
► Be aware of the current National Curriculum.
► There was lots of stress on the specific qualities/skills of teachers: it helps to be up-to-date on educational issues, especially the National Curriculum.
► Try to have an awareness of the syllabus but you won't need to know it in detail.
► What do you know about the curriculum? Read up on anything they specifically ask you to like 5-14 curriculum. Relate answers to your experience as much as possible.
► What educational issues have interested you in the news recently, and why?
► Which current educational issues are concerning you?
► They ask about 'issues' which have been in the news and media concerning schools and education.
► What are the most important issues facing schools at the moment?
► What improvements could be made to schools?
► What are the challenges and opportunities facing secondary teaching?
► Why is subject knowledge so important when teaching pupils?
► Read up on current educational issues. Although I was not questioned on any of these I know they do sometimes come up as a friend was questioned on her knowledge
► Make sure you do your research on current issues in education as you will be expected to talk in depth on something.

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