Government SSC General Studies Question:
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A television and a refrigerator were sold for Rs. 12,000 each. If the television was sold at a loss of 20% of the cost and the refrigerator at a gain of 20% of the cost, then the entire transaction resulted in

(a) No loss or gain
(b) Loss of rs. 1,000
(c) Gain of rs. 1,000
(d) Loss of Rs. 1,200


( b ) Loss of rs. 1,000

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A person sells a table at a profit of 10%. If he had bought the table at 5% less cost and sold for Rs. 80 more, then he would have gained 20%. The cost price of the table is

(a) Rs. 3,200
(b) Rs. 2,500
(c) Rs. 2,000
(d) Rs. 200
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