Critical Reasoning Question:
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A star fire engine has been designed to work only for unleaded petrol. this crossfire engine is designed for both 1500 and `1800 cc. they internally and externally look alike except for the difference in wheels. 2000 cc is different from the above two in terms of 3 features on the bumper?


the engine runs only on the leaded petrol (True/False/Can't say)
1500 and 1800 cc look alike (True/False/Can't say)
internal structure of the 2000cc is same as that of both 1500 and 1800 cc (True/False/Can't say)

1> False; because it can be runs on leaded as well as unleaded.
2> False : difference in wheels differ them.
3> True

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In the totalitarian days, the words have very much devalued. In the present day, they are becoming domestic that is the words will be much more devalued. In those days, the words will be very much affected in political area. But at present, the words came very cheap. We can say they come free at cost?Senior managers in a leading company said that new Japanese investment in India was transforming the car industry and warned that jobs were under threat from Japanese competition. they stated that increasing competition would be coupled with an in evitable downturn in the car market and the recent rise in interest rates which had already hit demand?