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A series comprising of alphabets contains 13 letters. The first seven letters in the given series are A, E, F, H, I, L, M

Can you find the next two letters?


The next letters in the series are N, O, R, S, U, X.
The pattern is - letters whose English names (Phonetic Pronunciations) start with vowels.

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500 men are arranged in an array of 10 rows and 50 columns according to their heights.

Tallest among each row of all are asked to come out. And the shortest among them is A.
Similarly after resuming them to their original positions, the shortest among each column are asked to come out. And the tallest among them is B.

Now who is taller A or B ?
A goods can load wt only 100tones not more than that if inch more wt is added it will fall, So when the train was passing on the bridge a paper falls on it, Now will the train fall r not? if it doesnt fall why?