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A new group of countries called BASIC is frequently mentioned in the news. which of the following is not one of them?
(a) Argentina (b) Brazil (c) India (d) South Africa?


(a) argentina

because The first official meeting of the BASIC group of
countries (China, India, Brazil, South Africa) concluded in
New Delhi. The meeting underlined that this new negotiating
group is here to stay and likely to be pivotal in shaping
future international climate talks. The Group, which played
a central role in negotiating last month's 'Copenhagen
Accord', set out a range of positions in a joint statement.

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In c#, a statement "a?b:c" means?Which one of the following Union Ministries launched the
Eco-Mark scheme for labeling the consumer products?
(1) Ministry of Agro and Rural Industries
(2) Ministry of Environment and Forests
(3) Ministry of Food Processing Industries
(4) Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution.