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A cricket team of 11 players lined up in a straight line to have their photograph. The captain was asked to stand in the center of the line-up.

1) Bharat and Bhavin stood to the right of the captain
2) Two players stood between Bhagat and Bhairav
3) Seven players stood between Bhadrik and Bhanu
4) Bhavesh stood to the right of Bhuvan
5) Bhola and Bhumit stood either side of Bhagat
6) Bhavik and Bhumit stood to the left of the captain
7) Six players stood between Bhavin and Bhagat
8 ) Two players stood between Bhagat and Bhavik

Who is the captain? Can you tell the positions of all the palyers?


Players from left to right : Bhavik, (Bhadrik/Bhanu), (Bhola/Bhumit), Bhagat, (Bhola/Bhumit), BHUVAN, Bhairav, (Bharat/Bhavesh), (Bharat/Bhavesh), (Bhadrik/Bhanu), Bhavin

Let's number the positions 1 to 11 from left to right. Hence, the captain is at position 6. Now, looking at the clues 7, 5, 2 and 8 together:

Poistion 1 - Bhavik or Bhairav
Position 3 - Bhumit or Bhola
Position 4 - Bhagat
Position 5 - Bhumit or Bhola
Poistion 7 - Bhavik or Bhairav
Position 11 - Bhavin

From clue (3), the only possible positions for Bhadrik and Bhanu are Position 2 and Position 10.

Now there are 3 positions remaining - 6, 8 and 9 and remaining 3 players are Bhuvan, Bharat and Bhavesh. But from clue (1), Bharat stood to the right of the captain i.e. Bharat must be on position 8 or 9 as position 6 is for the captain. So either Bhuvan or Bhavesh is the captain.

From (4), Bhavesh stood to the right of Bhuvan. Hence, Bhuvan is the captain.
Players from left to right are : Bhavik, (Bhadrik/Bhanu), (Bhola/Bhumit), Bhagat, (Bhola/Bhumit), BHUVAN, Bhairav, (Bharat/Bhavesh), (Bharat/Bhavesh), (Bhadrik/Bhanu), Bhavin.

* Bhavik(1), Bhagat(4), Bhuvan(6), Bhairav(7) and Bhavin(11) are the players whose positions are fixed.
* Bhadrik and Bhanu are at position 2 or 10.
* Bhola and Bhumit are at position 3 or 5.
* Bharat and Bhavesh are at position 8 or 9.

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