Industrial Management Question:
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A. Differentiate between TRIPs and TRIMs. State the items prohibited in TRIMs.
B. Briefly describe Indias policy on import of technology?


TRIM: Trade Related Investment Measures are rules that
apply to the domestic regulations a country applies to
foreign investors, often as part of an industrial policy.
A....TRIM is/are rules, which restrict preference of
domestic firms and thereby enable international firms to
operate more easily within foreign markets.
Example: Export Prohibited items from India: Gold, animals,
natural resources (some kind of trees) etc.
TRIP: Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights
is an agreement that sets down minimum standards for many
forms of intellectual property regulation. Specifically,
contains requirements that nations law must meet for:
copyright rights, patents; trademarks and undisclosed of
confidential information.

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