VB Dot Net Developer Interview Preparation Guide
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VB Dot Net Developer related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in VB.Net Developer. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job test and quickly revise the concepts

56 VB .Net Developer Questions and Answers:

1 :: Explain Metadata?

Metadata is termed as "Data about content of the data" and it is found in the catalog of libraries. Practically, it is used at back side of book to see the necessary topic.

2 :: Can you please explain the difference between VB and VB.Net?

Platform dependent
VB is backward compatible
Exception Handling by 'On Error…..Goto'
Cannot develop multi-threaded applications

Platform Independent
VB.Net is not backward compatible
Compiler Language
Exception Handling by 'Try….Catch'
Can develop multi thread applications

3 :: Can you please explain the difference between C# and VB.Net?

Optional Parameters are accepted
Not case sensitive
Nothing is used to release unmanaged resources
Support of Both structured and unstructured error handling

Optional Parameters are not accepted
Case Sensitive
'Using' is used to release unmanaged resources
Unstructured error handling

4 :: Explain namespace?

A namespace is an organized way of representing Class, Structures and interfaces present in .NET language. Namespaces are hierarchically structured index of a class library, available to all .NET Languages.

5 :: Tell me which namespace are used for accessing the data?

System.Data namespace is used for accessing and managing data from the required data source. This namespace deals only with the data from the specified database.

6 :: Explain JIT?

JIT is termed as Just in Time compiler which is used as a part of runtime execution environment. There are three types of JIT and they are:
★ Pre-JIT
★ Econo-JIT
★ Normal JIT

7 :: What is Pre-JIT?

Pre-JIT - Compiles at the time of deployment of an application.

8 :: What is Normal JIT?

Normal JIT - Compiles called methods at runtime and they get compiled first time when called.

9 :: What is Econo-JIT?

Econo-JIT - Compiles called methods at runtime.

10 :: Explain an assembly and its use?

An assembly is one of the elements of a .NET application and it termed as a primary unit of all .NET applications. This assembly can be either DLL or executable file.