TOEFL Interview Preparation Guide
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The Test of English as a Foreign Language, or TOEFL, evaluates the ability of an individual to use and understand English in an academic setting. It sometimes is an admission requirement for non-native English speakers at many English-speaking colleges and universities.

30 TOEFL Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is the authors main purpose?

1. To describe a new cure for ear infections
2. To inform the reader of a new device
3. To urge doctors to use a new device
4. To explain the use of a magnet

Answer: 2

2 :: The word relief in the last sentence means:

1. Less distress
2. Assistance
3. Distraction
4. Relaxation

Answer: 1

3 :: What is the main topic of this reading?

1. Women and drugs
2. The dangers of pregnancy
3. The fetus and alcohol
4. Drinking and the human body

Answer: 3

4 :: In line 4 the word "its" refers to?

1. the fetus
2. the blood
3. the tissue
4. the alcohol

Answer: 4

5 :: In line 5, the word "pronounced" most closely means

1. evident
2. spoken
3. described
4. unfortunate

Answer: 1

6 :: How much time can it be inferred that it takes alcohol to enter a womans bloodstream after she takes a drink?

1. about one hour
2. a few seconds
3. several minutes
4. at least 24 hours

Answer: 2

7 :: In line 9 the word "inextricably" most nearly means

1. unexplainedly
2. formerly
3. forcefully
4. inseparably

Answer: 4

8 :: According to the passage, how does the concentration of alcohol in a fetus compare to that in the mother?

1. The concentration is more.
2. The concentration is less.
3. The concentration is equivalent.
4. The concentration cannot be measured.

Answer: 3

9 :: It can be inferred that the development of a fetal liver depends on?

1. how many months pregnant the mother is
2. how much alcohol the mother has consumed
3. how large the fetus is
4. how well the mother has taken care of the fetus

Answer: 1

10 :: According to the passage, how is alcohol finally returned to the mothers system?

1. it is carried through the bloodstream
2. it is transferred across the placenta
3. it is expelled by the fetus's liver
4. it is not completely returned

Answer: 2

11 :: Which one of the following was NOT mentioned as a sign of fetal alcohol syndrome?

1. disfigurement of the face
2. concentration difficulties
3. increased aggression
4. memory problems

Answer: 3

13 :: Herbalife Inc is based in:

1. Los Angeles
2. Columbus
3. New York
4. Austin

Ans : 1

14 :: Daniel Fallow:

1. Was a former attorney for Hughes
2. Was a former distributor of Herbalife
3. Co-founded Herbalife
4. Ran Herbalife's German unit

Ans : 2

16 :: The complaint of Randy Cox of Lewiston, Idaho, against Herbalife was:

1. The company did not pay them their dues
2. The products supplied by Hughes were inferior
3. Their higher-ups in the pyramid cheated them
4. Hughes had connections with the Russian mafia

Ans : C

20 :: The authors main point is that

1. The government ought to subsidize C and D
2. Wages ought to be independent of international trade
3. It is impossible to attain national self sufficiency
4. The varying productivity of the various industries leads tot he inequalities in wages of workers in these industries
5. A policy that draws labour from the fields of catater natural productiveness to fields of lower natural productiveness tends to redirect purchasing power.

Answer: E